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Get your Projects Successfully Completed with Top IT Resources. With our IT Staff Augmentation Service, Attain Qualified and Certified IT professionals for diverse technologies. Avail commendable Expertise of our Talented individuals and Elevate the process with optimized costs.
Save Operational Costs Up to 30% with Feligrat
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IT Staff Augmentation Company To Assist Top Resource For Your Projects

Experience the Growth and Exclusive skill of Individual for your Project with our Staff Augmentation Service  

Are you searching for an IT resource to augment your current team with evolving project requirements? We are the one-stop shop for all your IT Staff Augmentation needs. One of the most pioneering and innovative IT Staff Augmentation Companies in India. We are proud to prove our mettle by delivering incomparable Managed Service solutions to corporations in optimized time and costs. For all your staffing requirements, the best way to go about it is by getting in touch with us.

We have IT Resources for diverse projects and technologies that include;
Oracle Technologies
Microsoft Technologies
Open Source
Analytics & Database
Mobile Applications
Other IT Technologies

IT Staff Augmentation as per Requirements

Building Team

Build a team with our professional IT Talent. Get your dynamic projects completed within a deadline and with the most desirable output.

Addition of Resource

We have the processes and knowledge to help you sprout faster and bigger! Hire the Best Developers from us to scale with additional requirements.

Replacing Resource

Planning to shift from the ongoing vendor? We have the experience & knowledge to manage/execute project transitions with Agile transformation.

Staff Augmentation at your Convenience
We are a staff augmentation services company that is trusted and professional in delivering resources.

We help our clients manage & build effective software solutions teams by providing staff augmentation and managed services that scale with the changes in your project needs.

Accomplish Great results with the best IT staff augmentation companies in India Feligrat's IT Staff Augmentation Service.
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"Industries We Serve"

Feligrat – One of the best IT staff augmentation companies in India. Serves various industries, and our IT Staff Augmentation Services cater according to the requirements and organization’s line of business.

01 - IT/ITES Media
02 - Manufacturing
03 - Automobile
04 - Banking & Insurance
05 - Telecommunication
06 - Logistics
07 - Ecommerce
08 - FMCG
09 - Engineering
10 - Healthcare/Pharma
11 - Travel
12 - Real Estate
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Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition is to provide our clients with the top IT Resource for their Important projects. Let’s Craft your product with the best IT Talent and release it in the market successfully.

Supply on Demand | Diversity | Quality | Technology Focus

Benefits of our IT Staff Augmentation Services

Short-term and long-term Contracts

Short Term Contracts with short-term include quarterly/ Half yearly / Annually Hourly Based / Projects Based and Assignment based. Long Term contract includes an Annually / Minimum 12 months Commitment for the project.

Productive, and talented resources

Our IT Staff Augmentation Services deploy the best and most multi-skilled Talent from the industry for your project. Resource with the ability to complete projects with high grades and in a given time.

Cost Optimization

Reduce Hiring costs, Rehiring Costs & Time by eliminating Operational Costs from 25% - 30%. Hassle-free hiring and cost-optimized resource deployment with us.

Vendor Transition

Adapt Easily to new technology solutions for fast process. We can take over your project in the middle of your development through our resources and upscale it effectively.

No Recruitment Hassles

Our IT Staff augmentation services save you time by sending you the best potential employees for the desired role. We search and vet candidates with a keen eye for IT Talent.

Fewer Legal Hassles

At feligrat IT staff augmentation, our most valued talents are deployed. As the official employers of your hires, we take responsibility for all legal requirements and documentation.

Project Deadlines Fulfilled

Complete the projects on the deadline with our IT Talents. Qualified and certified professionals are available to upscale your project in no time.

Availability of Multiple IT Skills Resource

Access to top IT Talent for your project with expertise in multiple skills. Fulfill Technical requirements for your company without any additional struggle.

Available Resource Pull Skill based


NET Framework, VB, .NET, C#.NET, ASP .NET, LINQ, WCF, WPF, Silverlight, SharePoint, MS Office SharePoint Server, MS SharePoint Designer, MS Office SharePoint Designer Workflow


All Functional and Technical Modules are Covered.
Functional - FI, CO, SD, MM, PM, PP, HCM, QM, WM, Logistics, etc.  
Technical – IT programming & development / System administration / Cloud analytics, Security etc.

Business Intelligence

Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion Basic Reporting, Hyperion Advanced Reporting, Hyperion Dashboard Design, Crystal Reports Informatica

Info Security & Quality Assurance

Network Security, Operating System Security, Database Security, Web Application Security, Ethical Hacking, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2005

Agile Development Methodologies

Java Applets, Java Applications, EJB/J2EES Spring Framework, Struts, Hibernate, Eclipse

Business Applications

Oracle Applications, Siebel CRM, Salesforce


Lotus Notes, AIX UNIX, Mainframe

Soft skills & custom development programs on demand

Soft skills & all the technical solutions training. 

Why choose Feligrat For Staff Augmentation?
Professional support
Professional Support

We have the right, skilled, experienced and dedicated professional for you.

cost optimization
Cost Optimization

Reduces Hiring, rehiring and operational costs up to 25% - 30%.

Direct Communication ​
Direct Communication

Communication with professional directly and discuss your goals.

Scale Quickly and Boost Productivity ​
Scale Quickly and Boost Productivity

Improves efficiency and scalability with our skilled talent

Flexibility in terms of Experience, skills, geography, and Industry​
Flexibility in terms of Experience, skills, geography, and Industry

IT resources at any location, Industry, or geography with us.

Effortlessly Maintain and Control​
Effortlessly Maintain and Control

Manage and control your project success and stay updated.

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